Our Motto & Vision

Well aware of the fact that the young generation of every nation is the hope of her future which can play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of nation. The goal oriented mission of OPS is exclusively meant for making sincere efforts with requisite determination to prepare this generation with sound educational base so that they can significantly contribute in national development and prosperity.

We believe that progress and security of human beings depend on education. People who are educated become more responsible and sincere towards their society. Our mission is to educate the young people in a manner that they can acquire the qualities to serve their family and society as well. We stress on the development of natural and creative ability of the students. Our syllabus consists of the entire requirements, fit for the mind and character building of our student. We motivate them to acquire true skill and knowledge, respect and obey all the values and rules of disciplined and advanced society. We teach our student to increase their confidence, ability and always be honest and sincere to achieve their goals. This cherished goal is also reflected by OPS Motto,

To Prepare the Generation of Today, to face the Challenges of Tomorrow”.

OPS also feels its responsibility to make the child aware of his religious obligations and social norms that he may not deviate from the right path.

For the attainment of this mission, the institution has been established on modern and standard ways with its educational policy centered round academic training, development of desired personal qualities, within a short span of time. OPS has become a glaring example of excellence for contemporary schools of the region and is being considered as a trendsetter for quality education in the area, a clear manifestation of its whole hearted commitment with its cherished mission.